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 The premier provider of top quality CPR classes Greenville SC folks rely on.

CPR First Aid 101 is a Greenville-based service-oriented company dedicated to providing top quality CPR training and BLS certification Greenville SC medical professionals and other clients trust.

Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

- CPR Training
- Basic Life Support Training
- Dog and Cat CPR Training
- Child CPR Training
- Heart Saver training
- First-Aid Training
- Pediatric Heart Saver Training
- Babysitting Safety Training (for children 12 yrs and up who are going to babysit, they get certification and CPR training)

Here at CPR First Aid 101, knowing that we are in the service of saving lives and that we are empowering our clients to be life-savers themselves are what keep us going and give us the sense of fulfillment that nothing else can. We are genuinely passionate about teaching others about basic life support techniques that can prove crucial in life and death situations.

We all know that there's no telling when the need for CPR and first-aid knowledge and skills will arise, so we at CPR First Aid 101 provide the knowledge and training you'll need to make sure you're ready and prepared when such situations arise.

While most of our clients come from the medical industry, we also welcome corporate clients, non-profit organizations, and other groups who would like to equip themselves with life-saving knowledge and skills we provide.

For more information, please call us at 864-414-1465 today!

South Carolina Local!

If you're in Greenville South Carolina or surrounding areas and are looking for the trusted CPR instructor Greenville SC teachers, first responders, lifeguards, babysitters, and other health and medical care providers rely on for top-notch basic life support training and certification, you couldn't have come to a better place!

​CPR First Aid 101 is a locally owned, service-oriented company dedicated to providing top quality training classes which are geared to prepare participants for various emergency medical situations. 

Portion of Proceeds goes to The Wounded Warrior Pro​ject!

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